Please contact us with your requirements in terms of party size and dates. Please see the selection of dishes below. Will try my best to include an old favourite of yours if it is not on the menu.

Please contact us for allergy information before ordering.


Tikka (chicken or paneer (v))

Chicken or paneer (v), peppers & onions marinated in ground spices and cooked on skewers

Veg samosa (v)

Samosa stuffed with spiced potato and peas

Corn tikki (chef special)

Spiced corn patties shallow fried

Keema cutlet (spicy, chef special)

Shallow fried spiced minced lamb patties

Tangdi kebab (chef special)

Chicken drumsticks marinated overnight and oven cooked


Dopyaza (lamb or chicken) (spicy)

Boneless meat cooked in tomato based sauce with onions

Jalfrezi (chicken, paneer (v) or lamb)

Tomato based dish with julienne peppers, mildly spiced

Korma (chicken, veg (v) or lamb)

Mild dish with aromatic spices and cream

Tadka dal (v)

Lentils cooked with warming spice and tempered with garlic and cumin

Aloo gobi (v)

Potato and cauliflower cooked with ground spices and homemade garam masala

Chef's Special dishes

Parsi dahi nu gosht

-Lamb on the bone cooked with yogurt, mint and cumin

Hyderabadi dum biryani (chicken, lamb or veg (v))

Fragrant rice and onions layered with meat or veg, served with yogurt raita

Telangana chicken (spicy)

Chicken on the bone cooked with curry leaves, coconut and black pepper


Garlic & coriander paratha

Flaky bread layered with garlic and fresh coriander

Peshawari paratha

Flaky bread layered with coconut, almond and raisins

Pulao rice

Rice cooked with fragrant spices

(tomato version also available)


Indian flatbread